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Improve your own knowledge

The ESSR is a leading provider of continuing medical education activities. As a member of the ESSR, you will be able to learn about the latest developments in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in Europe thanks to our training days. Also take advantage of reduced registration fees for all ESSR activities. Our society currently has over X members and your membership will further support the important work of the ESSR to improve the practice of surgery and the quality of care provided.

The advantages of being part of a group such as the ESSR? Among others:

  • allow members to get to know each other
  • exchange ideas and/or problems
  • facilitate the integration of the youngest
  • maintain contact with seniors
  • exchange various knowledge and form a personal opinion on one or other of the themes of a congress or conference

It is important nowadays to recognize oneself as part of a group with the same interests, and to know that this group is able – precisely – to defend the interests of its members. Moreover, rubbing shoulders at conferences and colloquia can bring about a certain uniformity in terms of activities, consultation, operating techniques, and so on. Finally, finally taking the time to be able to chat with colleagues, and also with exhibitors, is a luxury that is becoming increasingly rare.


Benefits as a member:


  • Share the same interests
  • Preferential rates for the webinars and annual congress
  • Participation in the annual general assemble meeting
  • Personalized access to the ESSR website (Members area)
  • Free membership to the ESR, ed. Value: 500 EUR
  • Access to ESSR archives


The annual subscription is € 50.-

Choose your formula:

1 year ESSR Membership
Payable yearly
2 years ESSR Membership
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You save 10 €
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You save 30 €