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Dear colleagues,
Dear ESSR members,

The world has been through and is still going through great challenges with the COVID pandemic.
Our society could not achieve the ESSR Congress in 2021.

It is my great honor and pleasure to introduce the new board of the ESSR, voted in at our last meeting in Innsbruck, Austria.

Dr. Vincent Vangelder, treasurer, has taken over from Prof. Wolfgang Jungraithmayr. Dr. Vincent Vangelder is based in Lille, France. His surgical practice is mainly focus on bariatric, metabolic and endocrine surgery. His research is devoted to the surgical treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases and focused on cell therapy for type 1 diabetes and metabolic surgery for type 2 diabetes.

Other members from the General Committee of the ESSR are:
Dr. Konstantinos Vakalopoulos, President of the ESSR.
Dr. Mikael Chetboun, secretary general of the ESSR.
Dr. Manuel Maglione, past congress president of the ESSR 2020 in Innsbruck, Austria.
Pr Rene Tolba, Alternate Treasurer 2019-2021, Past President of the ESSR.
Dr Lisa Rancan, past congress president of the ESSR 2018 in Madrid, Spain.
Dr. Thomas Theologou, past congress president of the ESSR 2015 in Liverpool, England.
Dr. Jaroslav Chlupac.

The ESSR is entering a new phase with new challenges. The pandemic since 2020 has stopped most of the scientific congresses and meetings around the world. The great challenge of the ESSR will be to bring you together in 2022 for a face-to-face congress, the official announcement of which will be sent to you very soon.

Past meetings have proven that there is great value in bringing together like-minded researchers and surgeons at our annual conference. The pre-conference sessions with the surgical workshops have always been a success and the young investigator community of the ESSR is in great demand for these meetings.

Our challenge: to bring you together!

The new Board is full of ideas for moving the ESSR forward, and we promise to be transparent and actively communicate with our members.

It is important to ask you to sign up as an ESSR member. We need more supporting members to complete our mission, such as promoting mobility grants for young ESSR members, but also to increase our visibility.

The contribution process is very simple thanks to the new online registration system!

Long live the ESSR

Surgically yours,

On behalf of the ESSR board,
Dr Konstantinos Vakalopoulos, President

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